Instagram: We’re on it.

Midway Vintage is officially on Instagram. What’s one MORE social media platform in the grand swing of things?

I get a wee bit irritated by stores that only take pictures of stuff for sale (is that weird?) so my goal is going to be keeping folks entertained.  This could be pics from the hunt, favorite treasures from my personal collection or, yes, things for sale.


Last year I informally surveyed our facebook page on what other stores though about using Instagram shots as Etsy store shots and the feedback was pretty solidly “anti-Insta”.  I think as long as the shot is truly reflective of color, it’s all good.  Especially since color is difficult to accurately shoot even with a NORMAL camera!

Anyway, follow Midway Vintage at or just search us in the app.  We’re the only store that pops up!

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Clip On Earrings = Cheap Veils

This is NOT an excuse to show the world how gorgeous my wedding photos are (they are- my buddy Chris Richards took them. You should hire him.) It’s actually a response to the ridiculousness of veil accessories and pricing.

A long time ago, I accidently stumbled upon the idea of putting clip-on earrings in my hair. At first it was a pair of HUGE rhinestone earrings that were squares. Really shiny, but obnoxious in the ears (very old lady) but they were totally awesome in my hair. I’d get compliments every time I wore them.

Like everyone else lately, I wanted a birdcage veil. When it came time to decide on the veil for my very DIY/cheapo wedding (we planned the whole thing while living in China), I found an earring/bracelet/necklace set on etsy and bought a yard of veil netting for $1 online- google “millinery veiling“. We actually bought 3 different colors figuring we’d decide what we liked best on the day.

Here’s my mom attaching the veiling with clip-on earring and then snipping off the ends.

If I do say so myself. It worked great.

(I know, this photo is borderline TOO sassy, but it shows off the earring/hair clip.)

And after the ceremony, I just pulled it over my head. Later I tucked it behind my messy bun and wore it like a 40s hairnet.

Listen up, Brides! This is the EASIEST DIY thing you can do. Especially if you want a birdcage veil.

Midway Vintage has a few awesome clip-ons that would work for a white wedding. Take a look here.

Post or send me your photos!

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Valentine’s Day

I used to send out a Christmas card every year. It would feature myself and my late pooch, Tallulah, in ridiculous situations and holiday poses. Here is an example-

Here is another-

I didn’t send one in 2009 because my now husband, then boyfriend and I were living in China and the postage would have been ridiculous. I didn’t send one out this past year because we were moving and, well, Tallulah passed away and I didn’t wanna. While in China, I read Julia Child’s “My Life in France” (which I highly recommend) and she and her sweetheart sent out Valentines every year. Love, love, loved this idea.

We’re gonna try it. I had the idea for my clever husband to photoshop our faces onto vintage valentines and then print ’em out cheap and send ’em out fast. Do yourself a favor and google image search ‘vintage valentines’ to be entertained for hours.

Here are a few that I’m going to make him try to convert to us. I promise to post what actually happens!

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Hello, Prescott!

Thanks for your patience with my long absence. It’s been quite a month with a surprise move to Arizona from Oregon. My spankin’ new husband got offered a job in Prescott, AZ a week before Christmas and we decided to be spontaneous and get the heck out of Portland.

We found an adorable house with it’s very own historical marker plaque right downtown and set about furnishing the house. It because clear that Prescott is chock FULL of fantastic thrifting. I’m having trouble separating what’s for you and what’s for me…

For you-
Groovy ceramic owl wall art.

For you-
The Lady’s Guide to Tokyo

For you-
Fabulous Fur Collar (and this is only ONE of the many I’ve found!)

Can you believe it? It’s Christmas year-round in Northern Arizona.

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Mama’s on the Hunt

The woman who taught me to stalk vintage prey is now working for the greater good, i.e. Midway Vintage.

Her most recent find? A bunch of mint condition 50s and 60s scarves, a few with the tags still on. Of course, I demanded she pose for a staged photo.

Thanks, Squirrel!

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Christmas stuff!

We’re clearing out the vintage Christmas decorations and are going to have all kinds of fun stuff up soon. Here are some highlights. Ornaments next week, perhaps?

I love finding things in their original boxes and this one’s a doozy. Coasters for your stemmed glasses? Oh, 50s cocktail culture!

What’s NOT to love about a mildly creepy, early plastic 1940s Santa?

Another gem in it’s original packaging and, yes, it works.

This wreath is wild. Nothing says the holidays like red cellophane, am I right? The box is a lighter cardboard than most and it’s shocking that it made it this far. Check out those crazy 40s fonts.

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Paige the Model

I snookered my pal Paige to come over and play model with me. Doesn’t everything look better when it’s held by a pretty lady? And don’t even get me started on how cute hats look on a girly headed lass. I thought our first attempt at photos turned out okay! Your thoughts?

Paige and I met last year when we both lived in Nanjing, China. Both of our families were in the Northwest and, happily and serendipitously, we’re now both in Portland- close enough for me to beckon her for modeling as needed. Check out my China blog if you find yourself with nothing to do.

As of 10/21/10 this fabulous handbag is still available.

Can you believe how this head wears hats? Unbelievable.

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