Clip On Earrings = Cheap Veils

This is NOT an excuse to show the world how gorgeous my wedding photos are (they are- my buddy Chris Richards took them. You should hire him.) It’s actually a response to the ridiculousness of veil accessories and pricing.

A long time ago, I accidently stumbled upon the idea of putting clip-on earrings in my hair. At first it was a pair of HUGE rhinestone earrings that were squares. Really shiny, but obnoxious in the ears (very old lady) but they were totally awesome in my hair. I’d get compliments every time I wore them.

Like everyone else lately, I wanted a birdcage veil. When it came time to decide on the veil for my very DIY/cheapo wedding (we planned the whole thing while living in China), I found an earring/bracelet/necklace set on etsy and bought a yard of veil netting for $1 online- google “millinery veiling“. We actually bought 3 different colors figuring we’d decide what we liked best on the day.

Here’s my mom attaching the veiling with clip-on earring and then snipping off the ends.

If I do say so myself. It worked great.

(I know, this photo is borderline TOO sassy, but it shows off the earring/hair clip.)

And after the ceremony, I just pulled it over my head. Later I tucked it behind my messy bun and wore it like a 40s hairnet.

Listen up, Brides! This is the EASIEST DIY thing you can do. Especially if you want a birdcage veil.

Midway Vintage has a few awesome clip-ons that would work for a white wedding. Take a look here.

Post or send me your photos!

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One Response to Clip On Earrings = Cheap Veils

  1. I like the idea of using clip on earrings to hold the veil in place.

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