Instagram: We’re on it.

Midway Vintage is officially on Instagram. What’s one MORE social media platform in the grand swing of things?

I get a wee bit irritated by stores that only take pictures of stuff for sale (is that weird?) so my goal is going to be keeping folks entertained.  This could be pics from the hunt, favorite treasures from my personal collection or, yes, things for sale.


Last year I informally surveyed our facebook page on what other stores though about using Instagram shots as Etsy store shots and the feedback was pretty solidly “anti-Insta”.  I think as long as the shot is truly reflective of color, it’s all good.  Especially since color is difficult to accurately shoot even with a NORMAL camera!

Anyway, follow Midway Vintage at or just search us in the app.  We’re the only store that pops up!

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